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Bespoke Research

Grow your knowledge with our bespoke support

Partner with INTIL's skills and experience within business intelligence to win litigations, find assets, uncover relations, conduct market research or build knowledge and capacity for an advantage compared to your competitors. We offer unique sources, a global coverage, and an effective collection with actionable insights as a result. Backed by a team of experienced professionals, our strategic services meet the needs of all types and sizes of clients - from small start-ups to large firms.   







Two Questions to our Co-Founder

What are you doing in R&D, how does it differ from the Due Diligence services?

Well, R&D is our way to meet the client where they are, outside of our defined services. This can be bespoke research regarding a subject or an entity, we have researched disinformation in the Swedish financial industry for one client and chased down an Ultimate Beneficial Owner for another. We also build capabilities for clients. We also had mission for a big consultancy on improving their capabilities by interviewing their current and lost clients, and finish with adding our understanding of the parameters involved.

That sounds exiting, what methods do you use and where are you doing this?

Our main axis are Open Source Intelligence, things that has been published anywhere as text, frames and sounds as well as Human Intelligence which we mainly operate by interviewing people to gain clues, direct insights and verifying facts or assumptions. We work all over the world with our desktop research as we have a lot of primary languages skills. We are working from Stockholm and has an entire Swedish IT-infrastructure.


Johan Wiktorin