China Business Check Nordics

Having suppliers or acquiring companies with suppliers in China is very common. However, it can be difficult to find reliable information about these companies, and thus a challenge to mitigate and manage potential risks to company reputation.    


Our China Business Check Nordics is a natural first step in gaining knowledge of a potential new distributor, subcontractor, supplier or third-party agency based in mainland China. Our Stockholm-based researchers will bring you relevant company information directly from Chinese sources including verifying addresses and legal representatives, and investigating court records, administrative penalties and company status. We work with primary and secondary sources in Chinese to bring our clients an unbiased and complete picture and deliver recommendations regarding risk management. 

The scope of our China Business Check Nordics can be adapted to suit the specific requirements and needs of each client and context. 


Our China Business Check is a quick and easy way to obtain company information, registration details and official records. Reports delivered within two business days.
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Our China Narrative Check is an extension of the China Business Check where we also investigate rumours, narratives and presence online, including Chinese social media.



Tailor your China Business Check experience to suit your needs. Focus on topics that are important to you - everything from sustainability to supply chain related governance, and much more. 

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Two Questions to our Analyst

What is special about China?

Factors like sustainability and geopolitical tensions are especially important in relation to China. Investing or having production in China is a strategic choice. Our China Business Checks can provide information to help make that choice, or to move forward operationally when that choice has been made. 

How did you learn mandarin?

I actually started in elementary school. Since then, I have both studied in China and at university in Stockholm to reach a professional level.  

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