Due Diligence & Screenings

Proactive Reputation Management with Integrity Due Diligence & Screenings

Brand and reputation make up an important part of a company's market value. Reputational-, integrity- and digital security risks can influence brands and their value significantly both in the short and long term. Not only is this true for the company itself, but it also extends to include partners, suppliers and acquisitions. Conducting a Due Diligence or Screening early on saves time and additional costs in your Deals process.  

Through a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods and sources, INTIL will make sure you are aware of potential risks involved in a deal, and advice on how to mitigate them. We work with open sources and public records to bring the highest value to our clients. Let our business intelligence expertise be the foundation of your risk management and value creation.  

Our DD- and Screening Services

Our Integrity Due Diligence uncovers reputational and narrative risks related to a company and/or its key individuals. This includes for example presence in media, court records, uncertain ownership (UBO), and doubtful ethical behaviour. Integrity Due Diligence is recommended in relation to acquisitions and new partnerships.  

Taking Notes

Our ESG Screenings are especially tailored to focus the screening process on ESG variables such as labour environment, environmental sanctions, administrative penalties and IT-security as an indicator of governance maturity. ESG Screenings are recommended in relation to suppliers, or subcontractors of potential acquisitions.  

Our China Business Check Nordics provides fundamental information about companies in the PRC. This includes, but is not limited to, verifying addresses and legal representatives, and investigating court records, administrative penalties and company status. China Business Check Nordics is recommended before any deal made with a Chinese corporation.  

Red Lantern

Our SmartCyber service is aimed at helping SME:s meet the challenges within the digital security landscape. It is cyber security made easy and cost effective. SmartCyber provides our clients with a clear picture of their current state of cyber security, and proposed actions to improve it. We recommend all business, and especially SME:s, to conduct a SmartCyber screening.

Outside of our Due Diligence and screening services, we also offer bespoke research and support.   


Two Questions to our Co-Founder

What are you doing differently in your Due Diligence-work?

We have a quite broad concept looking into narrative, integrity and digital trust, if the client chooses the full package. We are also source and method-elitists, which means we are constantly evaluating sources and applying the best methods. The quality of our products rests on information quality and our analysis skills.

What have your clients gained so far?

Apart from comfort in negotiations, in two cases the client has walked away from the deal because of our result. Many clients are learning organisations, so they are also changing their own process and bring us in earlier.


Johan Wiktorin