ESG Screening

Addressing sustainability and ESG-factors within your supply chain is of growing importance. However, assessing each ESG criteria in depth is not always an option, especially regarding SME’s based in ESG-immature regions, or if direct interaction with the company is difficult or impossible. Using open sources, our ESG Screening makes it possible to discover and mitigate ESG-related risks in these cases.  


An outward approach is emphasised, meaning analysis of information publicly available such as relevant public records, media and social media, commercial data sources etc. is conducted. Factors like IT-security, labour environment, environmental sanctions and administrative penalties are all taken into account. Based on the assessed risk, we deliver recommendations for future mitigative action. This provides our client with a holistic and unbiased picture as a foundation for risk management.  


The scope of our ESG Screenings can be adapted to suit the specific requirements and needs of each client and context.