Protective Security in M&A

Assessing and addressing compliance to the Protective Security Act  

Unbalanced Scales of Justice

Security sensitive activity is activity of significance to Swedish national security or activities covered by a for Sweden binding international protective security commitment. The new Protective Security Act which entered into force in April 2019 contains more rigorous requirements regarding the conduction of security sensitive activity of both authorities and companies. These requirements concern the protection against hostile activity which can threaten Swedish security, for example espionage and sabotage.  


Since January 1st 2021, operations that are covered by the Swedish Protective Security Act must report mergers and acquisitions to the Swedish Security police for approval prior to conducting a transaction. Thus, it is of great importance for relevant parties to assess if this is the case.  


Our methods are tailored for the M&A process and timeframe. Based on our longstanding experience we efficiently assess if an operator is conducting security sensitive activities. If so, we assist on how to move forward in order to become compliant.