Who is guarding your reputation?

Make sure to have access to continuous, proactive and actionable intelligence on risks towards your brand and trademarks with the  subscription of SIGNALS. The service will let you handle cyber, reputational and integrity risks proactively for saved costs and a stronger brand. With the integration of multiple top sources, including sources from the Deep and Dark web, it is not much SIGNALS can miss. The results are processed assessments from a qualitative and quantitative perspective, for you to act upon if needed.  


SIGNALS is anti-information overload, brining you only relevant insights and actionable advice in time - to guard your reputation. SIGNALS is tailored to suit the needs and known risks of each client.  

Business Meeting

Two Questions to our Co-Founder

In what way is SIGNALS bringing value to clients? 

From our long experience of collection and analysis, for the Swedish Armed Forces amongst others, we know that there is much value to be delivered to the business side. Our mission with SIGNALS is to bring rare insights about both risks and possibilities related to the clients unique set of assets and dependencies. We want to be our clients own personalized intelligence service. Some clients see us as their reputation and brand guard, making the company stay one step ahead.

Why should companies choose SIGNALS over other alternatives? 

We are focusing on early signals indicating risk or opportunity before it is known to the wider public. Our unique approach is to combine our expertise in collection, automation, and AI with sources in the cyber domain, public records as well as all kinds of media. We are here to help our clients see what is important to them, in time. 


Mina Nadjafi Co-Founder