NIS2 and Supply Chain

Navigating NIS2: Enhancing Supply Chain Resilience Through Proactive Management

In an increasingly digitalized world, cybersecurity is of utmost importance.
To safeguard digital infrastructures and services, the EU has implemented an updated directive, NIS2.

NIS2 (Network and Information Security Directive 2) is an updated version of the NIS Directive from 2018 and aims to enhance cybersecurity across the EU by establishing common rules and standards for companies and authorities that provide essential services and products. NIS2 a key piece of legislation within the European Union, marks a significant step forward in bolstering the cybersecurity frameworks of member states, particularly with an eye towards the complexities of modern supply chains. As industries increasingly rely on digital infrastructure and on critical suppliers, the directive underscores the need for robust cybersecurity measures not only within a company but across its entire supply chain.
The Supply Chain Angle
Supply chains are often complex networks of interdependence, where a vulnerability in one node can compromise the whole. Under NIS2, entities are pushed to extend their cybersecurity protocols to include all operational aspects, emphasizing the importance of securing every link in the supply chain. This holistic approach is crucial because an attack on a single supplier can lead to cascading effects, disrupting operations and causing economic and reputational damage.  "A chain is only as strong as its weakest link."
Working Proactively
The directive encourages entities to adopt a proactive stance on cybersecurity, which involves regular risk assessments, immediate reporting of incidents, and continuous improvement of defensive measures. For supply chains, this means implementing stringent cybersecurity standards for all suppliers, establishing clear compliance guidelines, and continuously monitoring the security posture of all entities within the network.  Companies need to develop a comprehensive understanding of their supply chain vulnerabilities and engage with their partners to ensure these standards are met. This not only aligns with NIS2's requirements but also builds a foundation of trust and security that can significantly mitigate risks associated with digital and physical supply chain operations.  
The implementation of NIS2 offers an opportunity for organizations to strengthen their supply chains against a landscape of evolving cyber threats. By fostering a culture of proactive risk management and collaboration, companies can protect themselves, their partners, and their customers from significant cyber threats. In embracing these directives, businesses are not just complying with regulations; they are also investing in the future security and resilience of their operations.

Through our platform, Signals, we assist companies in identifying vulnerabilities via external assessments. Signals scans thousands of assets across your supply chain, providing real-time, accurate, and reliable data so you can evaluate your third-party cyber risks. Any element that increases your attack surface on the internet can become an entry point for an attacker, underscoring the importance of minimizing these vulnerabilities.

With NIS2 coming into effect as early as January 2025, imposing stricter cybersecurity requirements and encompassing the entire supply chain, we help you and your organization prioritize resources effectively.

With Signals you will get

  • User-friendly overview of cyber risks related to all suppliers, portfolio companies, third-parties etc in scope.
  • Direction for further prioritizing of audit efforts etc and feeds into communication around level of risk with supplier.
  • Vertical capability to zoom in on specific organisation from current view for concrete technical mitigation.
  • Full validation of network attack surfaces. Daily security posture monitoring and enhancement.
  • Proactive mitigations to address vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, leaked credentials, and privileges before they are exploited.
  • Customized risk assessment reports tailored to your organization's specific needs and concerns, providing actionable insights into cyber risks associated with all suppliers, portfolio companies, and third parties within scope.  
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Stay up to date on your risks and threats with Intil Signals. Receive alerts and periodical updates in executive reports that are tailored to your needs, from cyber threats, integrity risks, brand reputation, market opportunities and corporate events.

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